Friday, September 07, 2007

The Adventure Doesn't Begin

In May we missed our connection to Ecuador and had to spend a miserable 24 hours in miserable Houston. This time we had a two and a half hour window in Chicago, so I figured 'no problem'. Being good citizens, we even arrived at the ABQ airport the full hour early.

Where we were immediately informed that our 1:15 flight was already 45 minutes late. They finally decided on a hour and a half. So at 2:40 we're rolling back from the gate and... we stop. Then we roll back to the gate and the pilot says there's going to be another, say, two hour delay.

Actually, considering, American Airlines was quite competent about everything. They let us get off the plane. They found us seats on Saturday's flight to Delhi. The delay was so long that they actually retrieved our bags for us.

But it made me think of long, long ago when I was thrown in jail. That was quite a shock to the system, mainly because it had never occured to me that THEY would ever actually do something like that to ME. But now, having gone through it once, if it ever happened again it just wouldn't be that big a deal.

Likewise, I was infuriated four months ago in Houston. But now, like every other flyer in America, I sheepishly accept my fate, eat the added expense, and make alternate plans. After all, it's the weather. It's not really anyone's fault.

Except that it is. I mean, how idiotic is it for the proverbial Richest Country In The World to depend upon a System that only barely works when the weather is absolutely perfectly wonderful in each and every city on the North American continent?

Well, at least my daughter was still tooling around Albuquerque, and could come pick us up. And at least we're back at home for the evening, and not stuck at O'Hare, trying to find a hotel room on Friday night along with thousands of other stranded travelers.

And, Golly!, tomorrow we get to do it all over again!



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