Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Michael Folz Newsletter


About fifteen years ago I had this whimsical idea. I thought: Maybe I could make a living by publishing a newsletter everyday. I would call it the Michael Folz Newsletter. In it you would find Michael Folz's views on the news of the day. But, more iimportantly, you would find Michael Folz's take on Philosophy, History, Culture, you name it. In fact, by reading it all my thousands of subscribers out there would be able to understand the Michael Folz Way Of Living.

It was a whimsical idea.

And then in short order we had Martha Stewart Magazine. And now we have blogs. And now every citizen that knows how to read and write, which must be over three million people these days, has to have one.

And now I have one. Which brings the total number up to at least three million and one.

But that brings up the immediate problem: With slightly more than three million blogs out there, why would anyone want to read mine?

Here's why -- I'm going to Mauritania. And you're not.

Actually, on January 10 I'm flying to Casablanca in Morocco. And from there I'm going overland by bus and shared taxi through Mauritania, through Guinea Bissau, through Burkina Faso and Benin, and ending up in Ghana. And every night, God and the Interenet willing, I'll be sharing my adventures of the day.

How exciting is that??? Especially when you consider there's always the chance that I won't make it! See if Andrew Sullivan can beat that for a reason for not tuning in!

Anyway, this is the inaugural first posting.